Elite vs. Preferred


Mix Fit Elite sessions are 60 minute specialized training classes coached by ONNIT Academy Specialist only. ONNIT was recently rated one of the top training & certification facilities in the country.  At MixFit we aim to train with the best, to be the best, and offer the same ONNIT Academy methods for Total Human Optimization. 

Each class is coached at a difference pace, in unison and through breathe, flow and safe rotational techniques.  Sessions focus on one or more unconventional tools such as the kettle bell, sand bag, steel mace, or steel club.  While our classes welcome all levels, our Elite sessions are slightly more intense and taught more as a martial art with a higher respect for the tools we use.  Our goal is to engage your warrior spirit and train primal.  Train like a warrrior. 

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Mix Fit Preferred sessions are 45 minute movement inspired exercise classes for all fitness levels.  Whether it's HIIT (high intensity interval training, Zumba, Yoga or Resilience / Recovery sessions you don't have to have any exercise knowledge to experience MixFit group fitness.

These sessions lay the foundational ground work for safe and effective training.