Our Story.


MixFit SA is a local Fitness & Wellness Company with a training facility, Zumba/dance floor, yoga studio, exercise gym and community & corporate wellness programs for all fitness levels.  

Our Mission is to inspire a fresh approach to fitness and wellness through a mixture of movement styles, that will transform the quality of life in our community.  We aim to live better and longer by developing safe, and effective programming that will allow our clients to adjust to stress, gain longevity, and prevent muscle imbalances to increase overall performance.


Whether your goal is to simply get moving, lose weight, gain lean muscle or try something new,  MixFit SA has the FIT for you!

At MixFit SA we understand the importance of individual client needs and effective training to reach your goals. Team MixFit has the experience, tools, and continuing education practices to GUARANTEE RESULTS. 

Join us and #MIXITUP for a better quality of life TODAY.