Personal Training

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Hybrid Fitness

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Group Fit

HYBRID conditioning sessions are accessible to all levels. 

Each class provides a high-energy, fun fitness atmosphere with a personal training touch.

Sessions utilizes a mixture of unconventional tools like steel maces, steel clubs, kettlebells, sand bags, and more. Rounds are broken up by either cardio intervals, and/or non-weighted durability exercises for the whole body.

Participants in these training sessions have proven to burn anywhere from 700-1000 calories, and transform their physique like never before. 




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Stretch Classes

This STRETCH class utilizes a mixture of durability, stretch and balancing exercises linked to the breath and posture.  As a group, participants focus their intention through movement, while creating a deeper connection with the mind and body. 

Come with an open mind and open heart.

Note: Sessions often utilize props such as mobility balls, blocks, straps and foam rollers.

Session open to all levels, beginners encouraged.

Community Zumba

dance. dance. dance





Zumba freestyle